Airline Pilot Program

Dear future Airline Pilot!

Please find below our solutions and offer for the CAVOK Aviation Training Airline Pilot Program all inclusive modular pilot training.

We have customized our modules from the PPL through ATPL Theory until Multiengine IR and MCC trainings to reach Airline Pilot entry level. With the below listed 3 possibilities we provide 210 or 300 hours of flight time. The whole training duration is approximately 12-24 months comprising as the following:

PPL 3 months
ATPL Theory & Time Building 9-12 months
CPL+ME-IR 3 months

 Minimum entry requirements:

  • 17 years of age
  • Basic English Language both in written and spoken forms
  • Class 1 medical

 Single pilot modules (version 1 and 2):

Module Location
Medical Aviation Medical Center
Private Pilot License – Theory
PPL books (Oxford Aviation)
PPL theory consultation
PPL – CAA theory exam
Private Pilot License – Practical 
PPL – Aero AT3 R100 (45hrs)
PPL – Instructor fee
PPL – Landing fee
PPL – CAA exam practical (1 hr)
Examination fee
Gödöllö – LHGD
Györ (Pér) – LHPR
Night VFR
NVFR – AT3 R100 (5hrs)
NVFR – Instructor feeNVFR – Light + LDG fee
Jakabszállás – LHJK
ICAO English Level course and exam Budapest IX. dist. Ipar u.
ATPL Theory
ATPL –  Books
ATPL – Web question access
ATPL – Theory consultation

ATPL – Theory home-exams
Budapest IX. dist. Ipar u.
Time building – AT3 R100, Tecnam P2002JF (85 hrs) Gödöllö – LHGD – National and International X-country flights.
Single Engine Instrument Rating (50 hrs; 35hrs simple+15hrs complex)
SE IR – Cessna 172 SE IR – Cessna177 RG Compl. A/C
SE IR – Instructor fee
SE IR – Landing fee
SE IR – CAA exam practical
(1,5 hr)
Examination fee
Gödöllö – LHGD
Budapest Intl. – LHBP, BUD
Györ (Pér) – LHPR
Pápa Air Base – LHPA
Kecskemét Air Base – LHKE
Multi Engine Class Rating

ME CR – Piper PA-34 Seneca I
ME CR – Instructor fee

ME CR – Landing fee
Györ (Pér) – LHPR
Pápa Air Base – LHPA
Multi Engine Instrument Upgrade

ME IR – Piper PA-34 Seneca I
ME IR – Instructor fee

ME IR – Landing fee
ME CR / IR – CAA exam pract (1,5hr)
Examination fee
Györ (Pér) – LHPR
Pápa Air Base- LHPA
Commercial Practical Training (8hrs C172+7hrs C177RG = 15Hrs)
CPL SE – Cessna 172
CPL SE Complex – Cessna 177RG
SE IR – Insructor fee
SE – Landing fee
CPL – CAA practical exam
Examination fee
Gödöllö –LHGD
Györ (Pér) – LHPR
Pápa Air Base – LHPA
Kecskemét Air Base – LHKE


Multi pilot modules (for version 1 and 2):

Module Location
Multi Crew Co-ordination Training
(20 hrs FNPT II)
– Practical Instructor fee
 – MCC theory (three days)
Budapesti Műszaki Egyetem
Jet Orientation Training
(20 hrs A320 FBS)
JOT – A320 FBS
JOT – Instructor fee
Charleroi (Bruxelles)


Single pilot modules (version 2 only):

Time building – AT3 R100, Tecnam P2002JF, Cessna C-150F Rotax (290 hrs) Gödöllö – LHGD – National and International X-country flights. Or Becoming Flight instructor with us.


The Airline Pilot Program:

The pilots who wish to join airline have to meet the requirements as listed below: 

  • Health – First class aeromedical
  • Language – Advanced English Language both spoken and written, English ICAO level 4
  • Flight experience and theoretical knowledge: Min 200 Flight hrs, ATPL frozen, Multi engine class rating, Instrument Rating, MCC Multi Crew Co-operation course + Jet Orientation course or MCC course on JET type

The Airline Pilot Program – Getting the flight experience and theoretical knowledge within 12 – 24 months.

CAVOK Aviation Training offers high level, airline oriented solution for its trainee pilots. The table below shows the schematic of the monthly plan for the whole program. The theory and the practical training runs parallel, where CAVOK plans three days theory and two days practical flying per week. 

  • The theory located at Budapest XI.
  • The flight training is done at Gödöllõ A/P LHGD.

The contents of the shown modules are detailed on our site and the prices can be checked on the prices page.

First year
1. month 2. month 3. month 4. month 5.month 6. month 7.month 8.month 9.month 10.month 11.month 12.month


PPL Aviation English ATPL

Practical Training

  PPL (45 hrs) Single engine time building (solo and under instructor supervision 60 hrs)

Second year

1. month 2.month 3.month 4.month 5. month 6. month 7. month 8. month 9. month 10. month 11. month 12. month


The type rating course is not part of the Basic Airline Pilot Program


ATPL spare months


Type rating


Practical Training

The type rating course is not part of the Basic Airline Pilot Program

NVFR (5 hrs) SE IR (50 hrs) ME IR (9 hrs) CPL (15 hrs) MCC + JOT (20 hrs SIM) Type rating (40 hrs SIM) 
  • The program can be started at any time of the year, however the Hungarian winter weather conditions limit the flyable days due to fog and limited visibility.
  • Our trainers are well experienced, mainly airline practiced pilots who transfer knowledge with procedural view.
  • The course module registry and the payment is done in parts and is subject to the individual progress. CAVOK bonuses the loyalty for the whole program.
  • For further information and for the course registry please contact us.
  • This program is only for EU countries.
  • For Turkish Airline Pilot Program please contact directly our Turkey Training Partner at Inter Pilot Academy.


 Accommodation in Hungary:

Gödöllö University dormitory. 200-230€/month/person

Food for one day in Hungary is approx. 15€/day/person


Local transportation in Hungary, Gödöllő:

Gödöllö LHGD Airfield is situated north of Budapest and it is only 15 min drive distance from the International Airport of Budapest.

Gödöllö town can be reached from Budapest by train or suburban train as well in 30 or 40 minutes.

The University dormitory from the Airfield is approx. 20 min walking distance.

Additional Information

For queries, special requests and additional information please contact us or check our financing page here.