Our home base:
Gödöllő HUNGARY, LHGD Airfield

Telefon contacts:
CAVOK Info: +36 70 251 0266, Office hours: Weekdays between 9:00 – 15:00.
CAVOK A/C scheduling: +36 20 217 2001
CAVOK OPS: +36 20 216 9908

Email contacts:

Tax number: 14501999-2-42

Company registration number: 01-09-906681

All of our trainings operates fully: PPL, Time Building, NVFR, IR, CPL, MEP CR, MEP IR, MCC and JOT.
Dozens of students finished our PPL course during the past few months. Every well prepared trainee who could pass all the exams successfully for the first try can finish the PPL course around 30days.
Furthermore more and more trainee finish our NVFR and IR courses.
We proudly announce that there is a duty instructor during the flight hours on the ground who support the daily flight operation.
We have available rooms for trainees at the airport, which is cheap and contains the basics which is needed for a student.
If you are interested in our courses check out the avilable courses , prices
If you have any further question do not hesitate to contact us at the above mentioned availabilities.

Thank you!



Turkey Training Partner Contact:

Managing Director, Pilot
Flight Training & Pilot Career Planning Coach

Turkish inter pilot academy

Eskişehir Yolu 6th Floor No:7/9
06680 Söğütözü / Ankara /TÜRKİYE

Tel: 00 90 312 906 06 10
Faks: 00 90 312 219 20 66
Gsm: 00 90 542 427 44 74