Crew Resource Management (CRM)


The CRM course helps to improve human performance and non-technical skills of the flight crew member resulting enhanced flight safety. According to JAR-FCL 1.943, The objective of CRM is to enhance the communication and management skills of the flight crew member concerned. The emphasis is based on the non-technical aspects of flight crew performance. Crew Resource Management (CRM) is the effective utilisation of all available resources (e.g. crew members, aeroplane systems, supporting facilities and persons) to achieve safe and efficient operation.

Course Entry Requirements

  • PPL and TT 100+ hrs
  • Fluency in English; ICAO Level 4 (or higher) English Examination Certificate is mandatory or state English exam or International English exam


After completing the Crew Resource Management Course you will be issued CRM course completion certificate, which is mandatory entry requirement for most of airlines and air carriers.

Learning Objectives

Introduction. History of CRM. Communication; process of communication, communication loop, barriers in communication, ways of effective communication. Situation awareness; meaning of SA, importance of SA in aviation, how to keep good SA. Human error; rate of human error in air accidents, types of human error, Swiss cheese, error chain. Conflict; good-bad conflict, ways of behavior and attitude, dealing with conflicts. Stress; types of stress, arousal-performance scale, how to recognize stress. Decision making; elements of decision making, FORDEC, DODAR, NITS, barriers of decision making process. Teamwork; cooperation, bill of rights and responsibilities. Leadership; authority vs. leadership, leader types. Games, case studies.

Course Duration

  • The training includes two ground (classroom) training days
  • Course is available with min. 4, max. 7 participants

Training Locations

  • At our partner High Fly Aviation:
  • At AEROK:


Please refer to our price list here.
The course fee includes the two day ground training.

Contact Details

For queries and special requests please contact our course responsible person:
Gergely Kovacs: Gergely Kovacs : +36-20-436-1553

Course Application

Email to: Gergely Kovacs; and attach the following documents:

  • ID or Passport copy
  • License copy
  • English certificate copy (state exam or ICAO level exam or any international exam certificate)