Airbus A320 Típusvizsga

CAVOK Aviation Training offers you the A320 Type rating course with the most experienced A320 TRIs in the region. All of our type rating instructors have more than 3000 hrs on A320 type. We offer flexible training solution in our contracted training centers. The training is located in Charleroi – Belgium (theoretical and fix based simulator preparation phase) and Sofia – Bulgaria the (full flight simulator phase).

Course Entry Requirements

 Captain Prerequisites

  • Valid ATPL A on JAR 25 Aircraft and English Level 4 (or higher)
  • Valid IR on multi engine airplane

First Officer Prerequisites

Previously qualified on JAR / FAR 25 aircraft and commercial operations.

  • Valid CPL, with ATPL frozen
  • Valid IR on multi engine airplane

Previously not qualified on JAR / FAR 25 aircraft and commercial operations.

  • See above requirements.
  • Pilot entering a First Type Rating must have followed: The Airbus Entry Level Training (ELT) program (combined MCC and Jet Familiarization course).


After completing the A320 TR Course you will be issued A320 TR course completion certificate. At completion of the base training (six landing on the aircraft) you are entitled to receive license for the A320.

Course Phases

Total course duration is 27 days that will be planned according to the trainees availability.

  • 12 days ground school: 10 days of self study and 2 days classroom training (location: Charleroi)
  • 8 days practical training: total of 8×3:00=24 hrs simulator time (location: Charleroi)
  • 10 days practical training: total of 9×4:00 + 1×3:00 = 39 hrs full flight simulator time (location Sofia)
  • Flight phase: Base training (The base training is not covered by the list price) Separate agreement required.

 The complete Transition Course consists of the following parts:

  • Ground School (Computer Based Training, classroom introduction, self study, 10 days)
  • Ground School (classroom introduction: performance, FCOM, QRH, LPC, SOP introduction, 2,5 days)
  • Ground School (System test, Performance test, 0,5 day)
  • Cockpit Procedure Training, (8 Fixed Base Simulator Training Sessions, 8x3hrs)
  • Handling Phase (7 Full Flight Simulator Sessions, 7x4hrs)
  • Loft Phase (1 Full Flight Simulator Session, 1x4hr)
  • Skill Test, LPC-OPC (1 Full Flight Simulator Session, 1x4hrs)
  • Low Visibility Phase /optional/ (1 Full Flight Simulator Session, 1x3hrs)
  • Base Training Phase (0:45 min flight time conducted on A320 aircraft)

The Crew Resource Management training is integrated into the course.
NOTE: Transition courses are performed on a basic variant aircraft, the A320 which covers the A320 family (A318 /A319 /A320 /A321)

Course Type Information

The training schedule will be tailored according to the trainee pairing simulator and trainer availabilities. Every A320 trainer is highly experienced Type Rating Instructor with over 3000hrs flying experience on the A320 type. The simulator training are planned so as to give extra days between the sessions to digest study.

Training Locations

  • Theoretical part: At Budapest, at our partner High Fly Aviation;
  • Self study at home (CBT, FCOMS, SOPs)
  • Theoretical and practical training location with our partner Charleroi
  • Practical A320 FFS at one of our partner Sofia Flight Training Center:
  • Base training:
    • Can be completed with our contracted airline Adria upon request.


Refer to our price list. The course price does not contain the base training, travel and hotac.

Contact details

For queries and special requests please contact our course responsible person:
Michel Lebrun: Tel: +32 479 211 77.

Course Application

Email to; and attach the following documents:

  • Filled Pilot Record Form
  • ID or Passport copy
  • License copy
  • Medical copy
  • English certificate copy (state exam or ICAO level exam or any international exam certificate)
  • Pilot logbook last and summary pages

Accommodation possibilities

  • Charleroi:
    • For Hotel Details contact Michel Lebrun Tel: +32 479 211 77.
  • Sofia:
    • CENTRAL PARK HOTEL 106, Vitosha Blvd, 1463 Sofia reservations : +3592/8058888
    • Price is 42€/night if you refer to CAVOK