Airline Transport Pilot Theoretical Course – ATPL Theory


The ATPL Theoretical Course is the gateway to your professional pilot career. Today, most of the airlines require the candidate to have the knowledge associated with this course, even if you will be operating as a first officer. Later on in your career you will be issued your Airline Transport Pilot’s License, and the ATPL Theoretical Certificate is a prerequisite for this.

After completing the ATPL Theoretical Course, you will be awarded with the Course Completion Certificate. You may use this certificate to cover the theoretical parts of your SEP-IR(A) or CPL(A) training. Most of the airlines also require you to have this certificate in order to hire you.


  • Valid ICAO PPL licence
  • Minimum Class 1 Part-MED Medical Certificate
  • English Language Knowledge (Intermediate Level)
  • At least 17 years of age
  • Sufficient knowledge of Mathematics and Physics (High School diploma) 

Course description

The ATPL Theoretical Course covers a total of 14 subjects, knowledge of which is mandatory for a future Airline Pilot:

  • Air Law,
  • Airframes and Systems,
  • Powerplants,
  • Electrics and Electronics, 
  • Instrumentation, 
  • Mass and Balance, 
  • Flight Performance, 
  • Flight Planning and Monitoring, 
  • Human Performance and Limitations,
  • Meteorology, 
  • General Navigation,
  • Radio Navigation, 
  • Operational Procedures, 
  • Principles of Flight, 
  • Communications.

The course is designed around a distance-learning and self-study principle:
With provided aids the students will study each subjects separately at home for a predefined 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the subjects. This will be followed by a two-day consultation in Budapest with experienced instructors on weekends to sum up each subject.
For your preparation CAVOK Aviation Training will provide 1 year AviationExam question bank subscription, and books, if necessary. 
With this course design you can join us any time of the year, and you can complete the training while working.

Completion Criteria

For the application to the CAA theoretical exams, the student needs to demonstrate his/her knowledge from each of the subjects at a home exam, achieving at least an 80% score.
At the CAA the student has a total of six exam days to complete the 14 subjects. From the start of the first CAA exam, the students have 18 months to complete all of the exams. In case of a failed exam the student can retry it a maximum of two times. If the third try fails from any of the subjects or the student does not manage to complete all the CAA exams in the allowed 18 months, the student may need to undergo additional training and needs to retake all CAA theory exams.


The tuitional fee includes the following items:

  • ATPL Theoretical Books (if requested)
  • Theoretical Consultations (15 two-day on determined weekends)
  • 1 year subscription to AviationExam

Please check our Financing page for further details.

Application Process

To apply for the Airline Transport Pilot Theoretical Course – ATPL Theory course send us an e-mail  with the following attachments:

    • Filled Pilot Record Form
    • Copy of:
      • Pilot Licence
      • Medical Certificate
      • Language Certificate
      • ID Card or Passport

Further Information

For further information about the Airline Transport Pilot Theoretical Course – ATPL Theory course please contact us via e-mail, or by phone.