Kereskedelmi Pilóta Jogosítás – CPL(A)


The only way you can make flying a living is by obtaining a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). Best compared to a commercial driving licence the CPL gives you the privileges of flying for compensation or hire. This covers everything from flight instruction and crop dusting to piloting large airliners.
The Commercial Pilot’s Licence program (CPL) is designed to teach students who hold a Private Pilot’s Licence and the CPL/ATPL theoretical examinations to a higher degree of skill, accuracy, airmanship and awareness of commercial factors. The CPL entitles its holder to receive remuneration for flying, which is not possible with a PPL, and is therefore a prerequisite for a career in aviation. Now, CAVOK Aviation Training offers you the best option you can ever have on the market.


Course Description

The course can be completed within two weeks.
During the course you will learn special landing and take off technics, complete VFR, IFR and international cross country flights, and to prepare your flights fully with regards to NOTAM’s, WX information, M&B calculations etc.
From the total of 15 hours of flight training, 10 hours will be flown on a non complex SEP aircraft, while at least 5 hours shall be completed on a complex: 4 seater, variable pitch, retractable landing gear aircraft.

Please note, that SEP-IR(A) is not a requirement of the training, however pilots without this rating need to complete an extra 10 hour Basic Instrument Rating on a non complex SEP aircraft.tervezes

You can complete the CPL(A) training on five different type of aircraft.
Non complex A/C:

Complex A/C:

Please note, that if you want to complete the CPL(A) complex part on a Multi-Engine Aircraft, you need to possess a valid MEP-CR.

Completion Criteria

The practical training will conclude with a progress check by one of our experienced instructor, and will determine if the student is ready for the CAA practical exam.
The exam will consist of preflight preparations, traffic circuits with different tasks and a cross country flight.
Also, an applicant for a CPL license:

  • Must have completed 200 hours of total flight time in aeroplanes
  • Total of 100 PIC time, which includes a 350NM cross country flight with two full stop landings at foreign airports
  • 5 hours of night time, 10 hours of instrument flight time
  • 6 hours of multi-engine time


The tuitional fee includes the following items:

  • 15 (25) hours of flight training with the chosen aircraft
  • 15 (25) hours of instructor fee
  • 15 (25) hours of airport fee at our base airport Gödöllő

Please check our Financing page for further details.

Application Process

To apply for the Commercial Pilot Licence – CPL(A) course send us an e-mail with the following attachments:

    • Filled Pilot Record Form
    • Copy of:
      • Pilot Licence
      • Medical Certificate
      • ICAO Language Certificate
      • Last Pages of Logbook
      • ID Card or Passport

Further Information

For further information about the Commercial Pilot Licence – CPL(A) course please contact us via e-mail, or by phone.