ICAO English Proficiency Training


ICAO English Language Proficiency Preparation Course


According to amendments made for Annex 1 and 6 in 2003, ICAO clarifies the use of english language for operation of aircrafts. The language proficiency requirements found in Annex 1 apply equally to native and non-native speakers. Therefore, it is inevitable to list the level of english language proficiency (ELP) on pilot licenses.

During CAVOK Aviation Training preparation course candidates might refresh their apparent language skills: through exercises are focusing on professional vocabulary, radio communication and fluency. Although, holding valid language certificate is not a prerequisite to complete the course; basic level of english knowledge is recommended to reach the operational level during the assessment at the end of the course.


Corresponding to CAVOK Aviation Training ATO Operation Manual the Head of Training might waive listed or enforce further requirements individually for this course. Under normal circumstances the following prerequisites are in effect:

• enrollment at least PPL(A) training or hold valid pilot license
• previous basic english language studies
• comprehensive professional aviation knowledge
• three days spare time in a row

Course description

The scope of this training is to prepare candidates for the official ICAO TEP assessment. In order to achieve the best possible result distance learning is not available. Although, students receive a starter package at least 1 week prior the consolidation.

Day 1 (09:00 – 17:00) Day 2 (09:00 – 17:00) Day 3 (TBA)
Preliminary assessment and orientation
Professional vocabluary
Descriptive exercises
Listening comprehension
Vocational grammar
Radio Telephony
Descriptive exercises
Mock examination
ICAO TEP Examination
Classroom Classroom Exam Room

The appointed Theoretical Knowledge Instructor (TKI) determines the apparent level of english language proficiency according the official ICAO ELP scale. This Day 1 preliminary assessment is intended for candidates to set an attainable goal during their course work. Ideally, one level improvement shall be expected on the ELP scale.

ICAO ELP Examination

The official english language proficiency test shall take in place at an accredited facility provided by our partner assessors. CAVOK Aviation Training is constantly working together with CAA approved interlocutors to achieve best possible exam results and sufficient operational communication capability using vocational english language during flight operations.

Day 1 orientation includes detailed information with regards the conduction of the upcoming ELP examination process.


For the latest information on current training prices and further details please visit the finances section of our website.

The training fee includes the following items:

  • Digital starter package for the self-preparation stage
  • Classroom and instructor fees
  • Prices of the examination
  • Hun CAA fee for pilot licence update


Preferably applicants might consider to apply as a group. The course shall not be launched with less than 2 students. Individual applications are merged to create 4 member study groups.

For application write an e-mail with the following information:

• Full Name
• Type of license or training enrolled
• Previous english language studies
• Special inquiries or additional information