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CAVOK Aviation Pricelist – Érvényes 2019. áprilistól.

Oktatói modulok
Course, Modul Type A/C, Location Course contents Module price
Flight Instructor Course
Aero AT3 (100Hp)
Tecnam P2002 (100Hp)
LHGD, Gödöllő
– Theory consultation, Teaching
– Practical flight 30 hrs– Instructor fee
– A/P Landing fee
– Head set use
– Books, Map, CAVOK T-Shirt

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Multi Engine Class Rating Instructor
Piper Seneca I. (2x200Hp)
LHGD, Gödöllő
Inquire Inquire 
Instrument Rating Instructor
Cessna 172M (110Hp)
LHGD, Gödöllő
Inquire Inquire 
Multi Crew Co-operation Instructor
FNPT II – King Air B200
Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdtud. Egyetem
Inquire Inquire 
Type Rating Instructor
A320 TRI
Airbus A320 FFS
Lufthansa Vienna, Schwechat 
Inquire Inquire 


Additional Information

Prices are for information only, current at the date of publication, and may change without prior notice. For queries, special requests and additional information please contact us.
The above prices are valid for our modular students, for non EU citizen occupational pilot trainees we charge 15% extra fee/module. Please contact us for details and prices.