JET Orientation Training (JOT) Airbus A320 FNPT-II


The JET FAM course is the second step on the “bridge” type training to fly JAR 25 JET aircraft. 
This course is entry requirement to apply JET airline.

Course entry requirements

  • Valid and current CPL,
  • Recent Multi Pilot experience or MCC course completed. Recommended for Turboprop pilots who wish to step forward to JET flying.
  • Fluency in English; ICAO Level 4 (or higher) English Examination Certificate is mandatory or state English exam or International English exam


After completing the JET Famil / Orientation Course you will be issued a JETFAM certificate, accordingly you are allowed to apply to Any JET airline and start any JET type rating course.

Learning objectives

JET FAM training – is a practical type of training on JET ( Boeing 737 FBS) simulator with 3+3 hours of actual flying.

Subjects of Classroom training:

  • How Jet Engines work
  • Jet and Propeller aircraft differences
  • High altitude aerodynamics
  • Common jet aircraft systems
  • Simulator training review

 Simulator training (5hrs as RF + 5hrs as PM or PNF)

  • Engine start and taxi
  • Take off and climb out
  • Airwork with different configurations
  • Descent, ILS approach, NON-Precision approach, Visual approach, Go Around
  • Landing
  • Basic, one-engine-out flying

 JOT Instructor information:

Every JOT trainer is highly experienced JET airline pilot with several years of flight experience.

Training Locations

Theoretical preparation and practical training Charleroi, BELGIUM, A320 FNPT II at our partner DL Aviation;


Please refer to our price list here.

The course fee includes the ground training and simulator training (6 sessions, 24 hours SIM time).

Contact details / Course Application

For queries and special requests please
Phone: +36203805778

For the application please attach the following documents:

  • Filled Pilot Record Form
  • ID or Passport copy
  • License copy
  • Medical copy
  • English certificate copy (state exam or ICAO level exam or any international exam certificate)
  • Pilot logbook last three and summary pages