Magánpilóta Jogosítás – PPL(A)


This is where your life in aviation begins. PPL training at CAVOK Aviation is your rock solid foundation, no matter if you will be flying for leisure or planning a career as a professional pilot. You will be taught by professionals to be professional. We are giving special attention to those details that will make you an airline-minded Private Pilot. Flying training will be conducted at our home base Gödöllő Airport.

Holding a PPL license you will be able to fly with light, single engine aircraft whenever you like, wherever you like. You may take passengers like friends and family for pleasure. You will have to observe the weather carefully, as you may only conduct flights during daytime in so-called visual meteorological conditions – generally speaking when the weather is nice. It is possible to add a night rating for night flights, and various additional aircraft types.


  • Minimum Class 2 Part-MED Medical Certificate
  • English Language Knowledge (Intermediate Level, Desirable)
  • At least 17 years of age

Course description


The theoretical part contains a total of nine subjects and a total of 110 hours of learning in form of self study at home and 20 hours of classroom consultation. With this solution one can learn the theoretical part while working.
It covers the following subjects:

  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Principles of Flight
  • Communication
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Air Law and ATC Procedures
  • Operational Procedures
  • Human Performance

CAVOK Aviation training provides the books and an industry leading Question Bank to aid you in the self study process.


The practical sessions will originate from our base airport Gödöllő. According to the regulation, a minimum of 45 hours of flight training is required to obtain the PPL(A) licence. This will cover:

  • 8 hours of Airspace work
  • 15 hours of Traffic Circuit and Emergency
  • 5 hours of Solo Traffic Circuit
  • 9 hours of Dual Cross Country
  • 5 hours of Solo Cross Country
  • 3 hours of Bad Weather – Basic IR Training


You can complete the PPL(A) training on four different type of aircraft.

  • Aero AT-3 R100
  • Tecnam P2002-JF
  • Cessna C172M

Completion Criteria


For the application to the CAA theoretical exams, the student needs to demonstrate his knowledge from each of the nine subjects at a home exam, achieving at least a 75% score.
At the CAA the student needs to try an exam from every subject at the first try. In case of a failed exam the student can retry it a maximum of two times. If the third try fails from any of the subjects, the students needs to undergo additional training and needs to retake all CAA theory exams.

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The practical training will conclude with a progress check by one of our experienced instructors, and will determine whether the student is ready for the CAA practical exam.
The CAA practical exam will cover the training objective in a 1,5 hour check ride: airspace task, traffic circuits, emergencies and a short cross country flight.


The tuitional fee includes the following items:

  • PPL theoretical Books
  • Theoretical Consultations up to 20 hours
  • Online theoretical practice tests
  • ICAO Hungary VFR Chart
  • 45 hours of flight training with the chosen aircraft
  • 45 hours of instructor fee
  • 45 hours of airport fee at our base airport Gödöllő

You can pay the course fee in maximum three installments.
Please check our Financing page for further details.

Application Process

To apply for the Private Pilot Licence – PPL(A) course send an e-mail to us with the following attachments:

    • Filled Pilot Record Form
    • Copy of:
      • Medical Certificate
      • Language Certificate
      • ID Card or Passport

Further Information

For further information about the Private Pilot Licence – PPL(A) course please contact us via e-mail, or by phone.