Kötelékrepülő képzés

Introduction to the Course:

This course develops manual competence and multi-tasking capabilities. Students are introduced to conventional maneuvers carried out in squad-formation such as take-off, level, climb and descend turns as well as triangle and staggered formations. During course, students also exercise both squad-leader and wingmen roles. 

Course footprint and flight hours:

The flying sessions consist of 30 minutes arial work with a total number of 21 landings. The total flight time is 10 hours 30 minutes in the following order: 

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Stage 1., dual: 3 squad-leading, 3 left-escort and 3 right-escort

Stage 2., dual squad-leading, solo escort: 3 squad-leading, 3 left-escort and 3 right-escort

Stage 3., solo squad-leading, solo escort: 1 squad-leading, 1 left-escort and 1 right-escort

Course, Module Single/Multi PILOT
Egy pilótás/Páros képzés
Type A/C, Simulator, Material used Available at, Location(s) Course Content Price
Private Pilot Time and competence building  Modules
Squad-formation training (min. 3 students) Aero AT3 (100Hp)
Tecnam P2002 (100Hp)
LHGD, Gödöllõ – Theory consultation
– Practical flight 11 hrs
– Instructor fee
– A/P Landing fee
– Head set use
– CAVOK T-Shirt
1310€ / pilot

Additional Information

Prices are for information only, current at the date of publication, and may change without prior notice. For queries, special requests and additional information please contact us.
The above prices are valid for our modular students, for non EU citizen occupational pilot trianees we charge 15% extra fee/module. Please contact us for details and prices.

Application and more information:

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