Kik vagyunk?

Professional pilot training by airline professionals ”

We are an Approved Training Organization (ATO) and offer prospective pilots ‘zero-to-hero’ flight training solutions. Approved by the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority and in compliance with EU-FCL, CAVOK Aviation Training meets and exceeds industry-standard training and instructional standards in respect of the teaching and examination of Private, Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot Licences. In addition we offer full type-rating training on Airbus A320 family of aircraft.

CAVOK Aviation Training is run by active airline pilots, for airline pilots. We provide aspiring individuals the chance to train with the best and those who seek specialized personal skills for employment in the aviation industry.

We are accredited by the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority (NKH) (ATO Certificate: H.ATO.0053). Moreover, we are a Hungarian registered vocational training institution (registration number: 00059-2011). 

Our highly professional and result-motivated team is always at hand to ensure your career success! In addition to beginner ‘ab-initio’ training programs, we also offer advanced courses in Multi Crew Cooperation, Jet Orientation, Foreign Licence Conversions, and Airbus A320 family type-rating courses.

CAVOK Aviation Training with an expanding, 8 self-owned and 5 leased aircraft fleet, great experience with Hungarian and International Students, and a team with a combined experience of over 75,000 hours flying, shares a genuine passion to offer you the very best quality training, facilities, equipment and a customer service experience to ensure that you leave us with the highly developed skills that you need. 


Start – in 2008

  • The idea of CAVOK Aviation Training came three years ago to create a professionally oriented JAR compliant aviation school. After a year of brainstorming the company was founded in 2008 with an enthusiast group of internationally experienced professional pilots.
  • “We still remember our start in the airline flying, so we feel that it is our obligation to pass our experience on.


  • MCC (multi crew) and JOT (jet orientation) were launched as our first modules. With these two modules we have made it possible to obtain entry level training for WIZZ Air and other airlines. CAVOK Aviation Training is the first FTO and still the most experienced one in multi pilot training modules in Hungary.
  • We say that ticking boxes only in the folder is not enough. We also make sure that our trainees can make it to the airline”
MCC Ten (10) trainees Five (5) flies for airline
JOT Two (2) trainees Both (2) are jet pilots


  • From ZERO to HERO establishing the whole career range – The airline pilot program launched.  Now we offer from PPL to ATPL theory CPL, FI flight instructor modules until and including Instructor core courses,  A320 TR and A320TRI modules. We have obtained our own training A/C to open opportunities and motivate young pilots.
  • “We believe that the solid base is the most important factor to build up professional pilot experience. Well trained, good skilled pilots will make reliable, safely operating personnel.”
MCC Twenty-six (26) trainees Five (5) flies for airline
JOT Eight (8) trainees Six (6) of them are jet pilots already
A320 TR Six (6) trainees Four (4) taken, two (2) flies for WIZZ Air
Instructor Core Course Six (6) candidates  
PPL One (1) trainee Collects hours
ATPL theory Eight (8) trainees Training in progress
MECR/MEIR Thirteen (13) trainees One (1) is flying for flyVokurka as FO
IR One (1) trainee  


  •  Partnership established with WIZZ Air (The largest East European Airbus 320 operator) – We now preselect and train A320 pilots to the airline according to the WIZZ Air standard operating procedures.
  • Partnership established with  flyVokurka (DA42 commercial operator) – We train all of their multi engine pilots and instructors to ensure safe and efficient commercial operations.
  • Our aim is to become a reliable source of professionally trained pilots for our partner airlines and commercial operators”
MCC Twenty (20) trainees The airlines do not hire at the moment
JOT Six (6) trainees Two (2) are jet pilots
A320 TR Fourteen (14) trainees All fourteen flies for WIZZ Air
Instructor Core Course   Six (6) candidates will be trained this autumn
A320 TRI   Four (4) candidates train for CAVOK
PPL Four (4) trainees Training in progress
ATPL theory Eight (8) trainees Training in progress
MECR/MEIR Nine (9) trainees Three (3) of them are currently under flyVokurka FO selection process
IR Two (2) trainees Training in progress