Multi Engine Instrument Rating – ME-IR(A)


The Multi Engine Instrument Rating Course extends your MEP-CR(A) rating to fly multi-engine aircrafts in IMC conditions, and upgrades your SEP-IR rating to multi-engined aricrafts. This rating is usually a mandatory item at airlines for application to a pilot job.

After completing the Multi Engine IR Conversion Training you are allowed to fly a multi engine airplane also in bad weather up to CAT I conditions.

  • Valid Part-FCL PPL licence with valid SEP-IR and MEP-CR rating
  • Minimum Class 2 Part-MED Medical Certificate with 'IR Checked'
  • Minimum LEVEL 4 ICAO English Language Certificate

Course Description

During the training you will learn to fly multi-engine aircrafts in Instrument Meteorological Conditions. This includes holding patterns, precision and non precision approaches in normal and in single-engine conditions as well.
The course consists of 5 hour flight training from which depending on the chosen aircraft type some time may be flown in a Synthetic Training Device.

You can complete the MEP-IR(A) training on four different type of aircraft.

  • Piper PA34 'Seneca I' or 'Seneca V'
  • Tecnam P2006T
  • Diamond DA42 TDI 'Twin Star'

Please note, that if you have no experience on the chosen multi-engine aircraft a type conversion course needs to be flown before commencing the MEP-IR(A) trianing.


The tuitional fee includes the following items:

  • 5 hours of flight training with the chosen aircraft
  • 5 hours of instructor fee
  • 5 hours of airport fee at our base airport Gödöllő

Please check our Financing page for further details.

Application Process

To apply for the Multi Engine Instrument Rating – ME-IR(A) course send an e-mail to us with the following attachments:

    • Filled Pilot Record Form
    • Copy of:
      • Pilot Licence
      • Last pages of Logbook
      • Medical Certificate
      • Language Certificate
      • ID Card or Passport

Further Information

For further information about the Multi Engine Instrument Rating – ME-IR(A) course please contact us via e-mail, or by phone.