Night Rating (VFR) – NVFR


If you require more flexibility for timing your flights, you will find the Night Rating a great value. By completing this training you will be eligible to operate any of your rated aircraft at night. A valid Night Rating is also mandatory for the issue of an Instrument Rating. The aim of the training is to familiarize you with the night operations and also to introduce you to the visual illusions and navigational problems you will encounter during night flight.


  • Valid PPL(A)
  • Minimum Class 2 Part-MED Medical Certificate

Course description

During our 2-4 day night training you will acquire the skills to complete night flights safely.
The course comprises of one day of self-study, one day of classroom instruction, a minimum of 5 hours flight training, from that at least 1 hour cross country, and 1 hour of solo flight.

You can complete the NVFR training on two different type of aircraft (other aircrafts are also available).

Completion Criteria

The training will conclude with an in-house progress check followed by solo night circuits.


The tuitional fee includes the following items:

  • Theoretical Instruction
  • 5 hours of flight time during night time
  • Instructor fee for 5 hours
  • Landing, ground handling and airport lighting fees

Please check our Financing page for further details.

Application Process

To apply for the Night Rating – NVFR course, please send an e-mail to us with the following attachments:

    • Filled Pilot Record Form
    • Copy of:
      • Medical Certificate
      • Language Certificate
      • ID Card or Passport

Additional Information

For further information about the Night Rating – NVFR course please contact us via e-mail, or by phone.