Training Devices



Aero AT3 R100 (2 in operation)

  • Fixed propeller with 100 HP Rotax 912 engine
  • Equipment:
    • Bendix King KX125
    • Garmin GPS

Tecnam P2002JF

Tecnam P2002-JF (3 in operation)

  • Fixed propeller with Rotax 912S2 (100 HP)
  • Number of seats 2
  • Our aircraft is capable of NVFR Trainig
  • Equipment:
    • Garmin GNS 430
    • Standard Flight Instruments
    • CDI
    • XPDR


Cessna C172M (1 in operation)

  • Fixed propeller with 150 HP Lycoming engine
  • Our aircraft is capable of IR training
  • Equipment:
    • GMA340
    • GNS430
    • KX125
    • KR87
    • KN62 equipped with dual VORILS and single RBI


Cessna 177 RG (1 in operation)

  • Constant speed propeller, 200 HP Lycoming Engine
  • As a complex aircraft it is capable of IR and CPL training
  • Equipment:
    • GNS430
    • KX125
    • KN62 equipped with dual VORILS and single RBI



FNPT-II aircraft simulator produced by Canadian Mechtronix Corporation

  • RSI image generator and high-resolution fixed-matrix projectors provide superior visual scene fidelity and realism
  • Synthetic Instrument Display™ (SID™) for easy reconfiguration to various single or twin-piston aircraft
  • 3 different aircrafts can be set
    • Piper Archer,
    • Piper Seneca,
    • KingAir B-200,
  • Classic cockpit
  • Garmin GNS430, Bendix/King and Collins avionics suites
  • Active control loading system
  • Powerful user-friendly Windows-based instructor operating station
  • The device is suitable for IR training and several other training for example MCC
  • FSTD Specification
  • Simulator Certificate


Airbus A320 fixed base FNPT-II simulator

  • All instruments are displayed with actual size and are fully operational
  • The visual system consists of a 3 channel 150 degrees curved external vision
  • The terrain database is worldwide
  • TCAS/ACAS alerts


Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator Level – D

  • Two optional simulated TCAS II
  • Windshear simulation, PWS, windshear warning and guidance
  • Autoland fail operational, roll out guidance
  • Two optional simulated EGPWS
  • Weather radar
  • CAT IIIB approach
  • LVTO RVR: 125m
  • Simulator Certificate