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Dear Pilots,
From 1st August 2016 in case of aircraft booking please contact training.scheduler@cavokaviation.com.
ATPL: theory.coordinator@cavokaviation.com
Trainings: flighttraining.coordinator@cavokaviaton.com
Other request: info@cavokaviation.com

Thank you!


Good News!

All of our trainings operates fully: PPL, Time Building, NVFR, IR, CPL, MEP CR, MEP IR, MCC and JOT.
Dozens of students finished our PPL course during the past few months. Every well prepared trainee who could pass all the exams successfully for the first try can finish the PPL course around 30days.
Furthermore more and more trainee finish our NVFR and IR courses.
We proudly announce that there is a duty instructor during the flight hours on the ground who support the daily flight operation.
We have available rooms for trainees at the airport, which is cheap and contains the basics which is needed for a student.
If you are interested in our courses check out the avilable courses , prices or course schedule
If you have any further question do not hesitate to contact us at
info@cavokaviation.com or flighttraining.coordinator@cavokaviation.com


Do you want to fly an airplane? / Repülőgépet vezetnél?

Offers for private pilots / Ajánlataink magánpilótáknak

    • Private Pilot License / Magánpilóta-jogosítás
    • Night VFR rating / Éjszakai VFR minősítés
    • Flight Time building / Repidőgyűjtés


  • Pleasure Flight / Sétarepülés
  • Aircraft Lease / Gépbérlés

Targeting an Airline Pilot Job?

„From Zero to Hero” – We offer an Airline Pilot program including the following modules

  • ATPL – Airline Transport Pilot License Theoretical course – Oxford Aviation Training Materials
  • Professionally supported flight time building – Flying precisely and procedurally
  • SE-IR – Single-engine Instrument Rating – Train with our highly experienced IR trainers
  • ME – Multi-engine Class Rating – The first steps for the practice of asymmetrical power
  • ME-IR – Multi-engine Instrument Rating
  • CPL – Commercial Pilot License – Going for international cross country flights
  • MCC – Multi-Crew Cooperation Training – Learn from active airline pilots and  examiner captains
  • JOT – Jet Orientation Training – Going higher, heavier and faster and getting ready for Your airline interview

(these are also available individually)

Cooperation program introduced

For candidates having high school gradutation we can offer our cooperation program formed with Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).

This Aviation Engineer / Specialist program is flowing according to airline pilot terms.

More information at: http://www.vrht.bme.hu/en/activities/aviation-engineer-airline-pilot-program.html


Azok részére akik rendelkeznek felsőfokú végzettséggel ajánljuk a Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetemmel (BME) közösen kialakított

Légiforgalmi Szakmérnök / Specialista programunkat,

amely a légiforgalmi pilóta képzés követelményei szerint folyik.

A képzés költségei finanszírozhatók DIÁKHITEL2 igénybevételével is.

Bővebb információ: www.aviation.bme.hu

“Professional Pilot Training by Professional Pilots”