Learn Pilot Training on Budapest University of Technology

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Our Aircrafts

Meet our aircrafts we use for training. You'll find everything from one engine aircraft to commercial ones!

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Our Team

Our instructors teach the commercial flight on the highest level. Meet them and their past face-to-face!

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Our Newest Pilots

Meet those cadets who qualified in our pilot school. They tale their own career path that you would reach too!

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“Training Solutions to become a Professional”

Dear Pilots,

We are glad to infor you that since December 2016 we launched our new scheduler and administration system. The new sofware is designed for aviation schools and is used by many aviation schools wordwide. It stores pilot’s data, licenses validity and bookings and informs you about any change in email.

We hope we can efficiently support your training in 2017 as well as hour building pilots. You will get updates from us through our internal newsletter system and via our new FACEBOOK page. You can join our newsletter by signing up for our courses or like and follow us on FACEBOOK.

You can apply here: training@scheduler@cavokaviation.com or on FACEBOOK. Please write “Subscription to CAVOK BOOKING System” in the topic.

We wish you happy flights and nice landings!

Dear Colleagues and Students,

I hereby inform you that the EURO FIFA web location has closed. You can find the OPS system and the Home Exams on this link www.cavok.hu/ops. The username and password has not changed.

You can find the Calendar and the Scheduling on our new scheduling software. If you can not reach, please ask for account on info@cavokaviation.com.



“Professional Pilot Training by Professional Pilots”